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Welcome to Circle

Join Circle - the unschooling membership

Who is this for?

CIRCLE is a community where unschooling families are experiencing more joy, ease and trust and less stress, panic and self-questioning. It is also for unschoolers looking to level up the skills and gifts they are bringing to the movement.

It is for parents who are committed to the daily work of deschooling:  divesting from from School Fixated Culture and healing School Wounds. 

  • Are you sold on unschooling but find the daily struggles such as sibling conflict and boundaries around screens etc frustrating and energy draining?
  • Do you get unschooling rationally but still experience regular wobbles around your choice?
  • Do you yearn for community but need support around showing up there authentically, or creating the learning collective of your dreams?
  • Perhaps you want to step into a greater role within this movement, through advocacy or leadership of community building?

Circle is for you.

“Circle is the best thing I’ve done for myself and my family.”

Circle is a membership programme for unschooling families who want to deepen into:

  • TRUST: healing your inner child, deconditioning beliefs and activating self-love and joyful expression
  • JOY: more allyship with your children, fired up connection with all family members and a greater acceptance of the present moment.
  • REGENERATION: strengthening your courage muscle so you can walk confidently and advocate for your children and your choices, build life giving community and contribute to the societal shifts that will liberate generations of children to bloom into who they are.

Supercharge the intention and alignment in your life without school.

What do you receive as a member?

This is a monthly subscription that gives you access to three experienced mentors and coaches and the cheerleading of a global family at different stages of the unschooling life cycle. It all happens on a single App on your phone (or computer.)

  • Monthly teaching and coaching workshops from unschooling coach and educator Lucy AitkenRead
  • Monthly insights and goal setting around building regenerative community with Community Mentor Naomi Clarke
  • Support and space holding for neurodivergent families 
  • Gain immediate access to a library of 30 + hours of coaching and teaching sessions (worth $525)
  • Immediate access to the self-paced DISCO unschooling course (worth $197 USD)
  • Access to a self paced healing retreat for unschoolers with guest speakers and healing sessions such as movement medicine and breathwork. (worth $197)

The mindset work done in Circle will help you flourish into authenticity in all parts of your life!

Meet the team

I am Lucy AitkenRead: writer, facilitator, coach. I’m also mum to two children, Ramona, 11, and Juno, 9 and we have all been unschooling for a decade.

My early career and training was in social policy and advocacy. I worked with community groups and politicians within the charity sector - advocating for a more peaceful and socially just world.

But when I became a mother, I realised that the greatest shifts that could be made were in the raising of our children.

Over the last few years I have guided 800 parents through parenting and unschooling programmes. This is deep, subterranean work. School wounds, fear and limiting beliefs often arise. My training in trauma-informed coaching helps me to provide a brave space for people to show up to the life their hearts are begging for.

On our team we also have:

Essie Richards - our incredible Disco Assistant and coach in training who helps Circle members feel settled and facilitates our Heart to Heart conversations. Essie has recently founded an unschooling community in her home town in Cornwall, UK and is particularly expert in helping all people feel a sense of belonging.


Naomi Clarke - our powerhouse Community Carer and Mentor. 

Naomi co-directs a Self Directed Learning space in London and her role in Circle is support for those setting up unschooling groups and spaces. As a neurodivergent mama to neurodivergent kids Naomi is both cheerleader, advocate and support to neurodivergent unschoolers.

We are here to support unschoolers to create homes that are based on joy and trust and to nurture community that is truly regenerative.


“Thank you Lucy. I have tears in my eyes as I write this (maybe part sleep deprivation lol) CIRCLE has been transformative and has become such a an important part of my parenting journey and also a frame for other parts if my life. I am learning so much about myself, community, decolonisation, relationships and so much more. I am finally learning self acceptance and self love and can feel myself getting stronger. I couldn’t imagine life without CIRCLE right now and so I hope it may long continue.”

"What can I say, the last few months have been life changing. Thank you Lucy for your kindness, wisdom and positivity. Together we have worked as a group through some truly transformational stuff. It’s hard to put into words because it’s part of an ongoing process. I feel much more relaxed in myself and my relationships with others, and I look forward to continuing to learn!"

"Thanks to Lucy’s membership our relationship with our children is continually levelling up. We love the new skills, renewed purpose and fresh inspiration it gives us for our unschooling journey."

Comments from new members who joined at the last opening :

Workshop with Lucy: Cultivating Inner Wisdom as an unschooling parent

February 8th UKT

Heart to Hearts: Connection call for all members

February 20th UKT

Funk Club: A ritual to honour our deepest feelings

February 22nd UKT

Workshop with Lucy: The trust protocol - how we move from dis-ease to trust with your children

March 8th UKT